Portfolio 01

  The camera, as an extension of the artist, is an expressive tool that gives attention to one moment in time. Those moments, where my art practice is concerned, suggest states of mutability: a glimmer of light upon water, the shifting materiality of surfaces, or the liminal nature of Queerness as exhibited through poses, personal style, palette, and a sense of intimacy.

  As a photographer, I am known primarily for making portraits. However, in tandem with that part of my practice, I have pursued a parallel interest in photographing natural and manmade environments. My ongoing focus on presenting dualities through photography draws my eye towards spaces that are transitory or that risk being overlooked on the route between Points A and B. This act of giving attention assigns value to the marginal, whether the subject is a location or an individual.

  Artists create narratives through their work—and the work I make asserts a Queer and specifically Trans point of view within the wider photographic community. My imagery takes up space in an art world dominated by exploitative assumptions about what it means to be a Trans person or artist. All of this comes through with the portraits I make and through the observational/landscape photography that I continue to find myself drawn towards. In considering my output, I’m asking the viewer to consider this question: What makes an image Queer; is it the composition itself, or the intentionality of the photographer?

  Intimacy, closeness, and vulnerability are the main foundations of my art practice. The selection of 12 photographs in this portfolio depict a personal history; a record of how I see the world and my place within it. The enclosed prints can be thought of as four groupings: Flowers, Water Reflections, Sunsets, and Portraits. Rearranging these compositions suggest additional ‘conversations’ that are open to interpretation by individual viewers.

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