Guts Gallery (London, UK)

June 9th - July 7th 2023

Guts Gallery is excited to present ‘Saints and Sinners,’ a group show of LGBTQIA+ identifying artists exploring what it means to be LGBTQIA+ in an age where we increasingly see the physical closure of safe spaces. 

Throughout history, LGBTQIA+ identifying artists have often been barred from seeing their lived experiences represented and recognised by arts institutions. Guts Gallery believes that art, like all things, should accurately reflect society. The work within ‘Saints and Sinners’ is disruptive - it actively forces viewers out of their comfort zones and forces them to engage with the historical and present-day societal injustices that LGBTQIA+ people have faced and continue to face every day.

‘Saints and Sinners’ is a celebration of LGBTQIA+ people. It seeks to recognise and platform LGBTQIA+ artists to foster community and a sense of unity. The artists in this show refuse to be silenced in the face of societal neglect and prejudice; instead, they have joined together to present themselves as brilliant, diverse and unique complex individuals that make up the foundations of the community. 


Angels of a Drowning World, 2023
Lio Mehiel and Wynne Neilly
Sculpture by Holly Silius


Arsenal Contemporary - CONTACT Photo Festival (Toronto, Canada)

April 29th - June 17th, 2023

National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa, Canada)

August 4th, 2023 - January 7th, 2024

Photographs and videos push the boundaries between cultural and natural delineations to imagine new possibilities of existence and relationships. As much as their images operate as critical statements on contemporary life, they also function to open dialogue and create community.

With great visual sophistication, care and curiosity, NGPA winners Hannah Doucet, Wynne Neilly and Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez demonstrate the continued power and significance of lens-based images to probe shared concerns and anxieties as they offer new insights into negotiating an image-saturated culture.

Supported by the Scotiabank Photography Program at the National Gallery of Canada.


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