Something To Talk About

Wynne Neilly & Kyle Lasky

People are talkin', talkin' 'bout people

I hear them whisper, you won't believe it

They think we're lovers kept under covers

I just ignore it, but they keep saying

We laugh just a little too loud

We stand just a little too close

We stare just a little too long

-Bonnie Raitt

Something To Talk About is a series of self-portraits challenging traditional narratives and stigma around masculine intimacy.

While gay and queer representation in mainstream media increases, there remains a lack of exposure to–or celebration of–platonic “same-sex” intimacy. In response to western culture’s fear of physical closeness between men, trans* artists Neilly and Lasky invite the viewer to witness the palpable romance of their decade-long friendship.

The nature of Neilly and Lasky’s relationship has long been questioned by onlookers. The ease with which they express vulnerability, adoration, and physical closeness has created its own narrative, which the artists consciously build on.

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