Of Center, 2012/2013

Of Center is a collection of images reflective of a segment of those in my community who identify with masculinity. Masculine of Center is an ever-evolving term used to envelop people whose gender expression lies within the masculine end of the spectrum, including but not limited to lesbian/queer women, trans* people, and gender variant individuals. 

This project seeks to authenticate and legitimize the narratives of those portrayed in the project, as well as my own. Growing into my own masculinity as a young adult was never something that felt valid until I was introduced into a supporting community of like-minded people who gave me confidence. This series explores the minute but powerful differences in gender expression/identities and informs the viewer on experiences of these individuals who were assigned female at birth. I am committed to giving this community that surrounds me an empowering voice to share with the public.

These images are being used to challenge what we consider to be our common understanding of what it is to be masculine, and what it is to be feminine. The minimally aestheticized portraits and their personal nature are used to reflect the development of personal identity and the complexities of human gender expression. Within the physical installation of these images, there is an accompanying audio component that runs on a loop. The audio track contains interviews that were held with each subject photographed regarding their thoughts and experiences on their gender/identity and how they move through society as an individual.

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